VOYENN is a high performing DUAL sorghum hybrid. It is a short to medium forage quality variety that reaches a height of about 170 cm. Due to its high starch content (up to 30%), this variety received the MILK INDEX award. On average, the variety flowers 76 days after sowing, which is why it can be assigned to the early maturity group.

Recommended sowing rate: 30- 35 grains/ m2

  • Very early panicle pushing
  • Medium long growth
  • High starch content
  • Grain colour: brown



Sowing date

Mid may to mid June, min. 12°C soil temperature.


The seedbed should be as fine-crumbled as possible (similar to beet) and a good connection to the capillary water must be ensured.

Seeding procedure

Single grain or drill seeding technique is possible. The beet technique can also be used. Particularly with drill seeding, care must be taken to ensure sufficient reconsolidation.

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