Seeds are the basis of global nutrition. We consistently strive for long-term sustainable and efficient primary production by investing in improved varieties and cultivation systems that

  • use less water
  • require less fertiliser
  • deliver more stable yields
  • require less pesticides
  • promote integrated farming systems
  • improve soil fertility
  • provide special properties for improved processing and recycling
  • are more digestible
  • and promote diversity in the field.

Corporate Culture

  • Our interaction with business partners, customers and employees is respectful, responsible and honest.
  • We are open-minded, curious and solution-oriented.
  • We work in a businesslike manner: efficiently and transparently, thus securing jobs.
  • We are interested in close, long-term contact with customers and partners on a partnership basis.
  • We provide professional advice at a high level.
  • We react quickly and straightforwardly to market developments.
  • We create practice-oriented solutions.

For us, innovation means that we are constantly improving:

  • market-oriented breeding  
  • optimised variety development and cultivation of varieties
  • efficient seed production and manufacture
  • practical advice
  • demand-oriented products
  • personal customer service
  • trusted logistics
  • and the sustainability of our products.