Legumes are characterised by their ability to fix and use atmospheric nitrogen. They achieve this property through symbiosis with nodule bacteria. Each legume species is dependent on a few specific strains of nodule bacteria. The absence of these specific nodule bacteria in many soils often prevents efficient symbiosis and leads to lower yields. DynaSee LegumeMaxx offers the solution to this problem:



The DynaSeed coating is enhanced with species-specific nodule bacteria, molybdenum and algae extract. This intelligent combination promotes nitrogen fixation in four ways:

  • The right nodule bacteria are immediately available for effective nodulation.
  • The DynaSeed coating and the algae extract ensure rapid germination and good root development. This quickly creates a large habitat for the nodule bacteria.
  • The symbiosis between plant and legume is a complex process that depends on many factors. When the sheathing material is dissolved, an environment is created that favours this process.
  • Molybdenum plays a decisive role in nitrogen fixation and thus prevents nitrogen deficiency.

DynaSeed LegumeMaxx increases nodulation by a factor of 4 compared to the untreated control. The increased nitrogen fixation has a direct influence on yield. On average in 2020 and 2021, DynaSeed LegumeMaxx was able to achieve an increased yield in the lucerne. In addition, more nitrogen is made available to the following crop. This leads to lower fertiliser costs and a relief of your fertiliser balance!

DynaSeed LegumeMaxx is available for clover and alfalfa varieties in our COUNTRY mixtures.