Johan Oerlemans (farm manager)

Ypecolsga Friesland (North of the Netherlands)

Farm data
TypeConventional dairy farm
Livestock270 milking cows and 200 young cattle
Total farm acreage191 ha, of which are 120 ha permanent grassland and 25-30 ha maize
Natural environmentMinus 1-1,5 m below sea level, 700 mm/year, clay soils 60-65 (siltable) with 23% organic matter in the clay. The clay has a thickness of about 30 cm. Underneath the clay is peat. pH 5.7 on average

Feed and milk indicators

  • Dry matter intake about 14 kg / cow / day
  • Feeding 1x / day
  • Milking technique: GEA 2x 20 70 degrees. Side by side.
  • Milk yield
    • 10,800 kg
    • 35-36 l / day
    • Fat 4.2%, Protein 3.5%
  • Ratio
    • 60% grass silage and 40% maize silage of 6.8 NEL

Grassland management

  • Average yields of 12-14 t/ha per year
  • 5 cuts per year, sometimes 6 depending on weather
  • Cutting height 7cm


„I became aware of the EXPLOSION variety through the Dutch recommendation list, as it is particularly convincing with its performance in the important first cut. Due to the very high yield in the first cut (rel. 111) and the above-average sugar content, I have been growing EXPLOSION for two years now as part of the Dutch mixture “COUNTRY Milkmore 14”.
With 5-6 cuts per year I achieve 120–140 dt DM/ha with it.“ 

Daan Ketelaars (farm manager)

Keldonk (South of the Netherlands)

Farm data
TypeConventional dairy farm
Total farm acreage96 ha, of which 16 ha are permanent grassland and 25 ha used for field forage
Natural environment0-15 m above sea level, 600 mm/year, sandy soils with pH 5,3 (limed)

Feed and milk indicators

  • Grass silage quality: 7.0 MJ NEL
  • Dry matter intake 24.05 kg / cow/ day
  • Feeding 1x / day at 10 o‘clock in the morning
  • Milking technique: side-by-side 2x9 (Manus)
  • Milk yield
    • 9250 kg
    • 30.32 kg / day
    • Fat 3.63%, Protein 4.65%
  • Ratio
    Partial TMR (except concentrates), also fresh grass feeding in the summer
    • Proportion of grass silage, proportion of corn silage: 60/40
    • Energy density 7.7 MJ NEL/kg

Grassland management

  • Average yields of 12t/ha (no irrigation)
  • 6 cuts per year
  • Cutting height 7 cm
  • Sowing every 4 years
  • Regular maintenance measures in permanent grassland: cambridge rolling and spraying


„We are growing COUNTRY mixtures with 100% Perennial ryegrass already for some years and especially found „COUNTRY MilkMore 14” (tetraploid with high forage quality) and „COUNTRY Super BG 3” (diploid intermediate and late) to be very nice mixtures for our grassland. In 2021 we had to resow again and tried adding red clover to the perennial ryegrass to increase natural nitrogen application. We are very satisfied with this and were able to achieve 6 good cuts. Even with less slurry and artificial fertilizer, the yield was still very good. The summer was dry and no irrigation was used and where the clover was, grass continued to be very green. Also, the recovery of the grass after the dry summer was noticeable.”