Jarosław Borowski (farm manager)

Komorowo (Brodnica, between Kujawy, Warmia and Pomerania), GR Komorowo Sp.z o.o.

Farm data
  • Average yearly rainfall: 500-560 mm
  • Total farm acreage: 1070 ha, 50 ha of permanent pasture and ley farming
  • Dairy cows: 380 cows (milk performance: 11.788 kg/cow and year (3,31 % crude protein, 3,92 % fat), 450 yearling cows
  • COUNTRY-mixture: COUNTRY F 2053 field forage with clover, annual and COUNTRY G 2013 dry areas

“ In the past silage maize and alfalfa were the most important crops for the basic ration of our farm. But we got more and more problems with the alfalfa, already in the first cut dandelion spread over the whole field. So we had to plough the fields. To have enough forage for the current year, we have already sown in early June COUNTRY F 2053 field forage with Persian clover. We harvested three cuts. The annual ryegrass was responsible for the high yield of this mixture, the Persian clover increased the protein content of the silage. 
In addition we renewed our permanent pasture bit by bit with COUNTRY G 2013 for dry areas. This mixture is particularly suitable for intensive cutting on dry sites such as ours. We get, as well as with COUNTRY F 2053, not only higher yields, but again through the clover a higher protein content in the silage. With this experience, I recommend both mixtures to other farmers."

Tomasz Kubiak (owner of the farm)

Lubotyń (Koło, in the center of Poland between Wielkopolska and Kujawy), GR Kubiak Lubotyń

Farm data
  • Average yearly rainfall: < 500 mm
  • Total farm acreage: 160 ha, grass acreage: 40 ha permanent pasture and ley farming, alfalfa grown also
  • Dairy cows: 140 cows (milk performance: 9.127 kg/cow and year (3,35 % crude protein, 3,95 % fat), 160 yearling cows
  • COUNTRY-mixture: COUNTRY F 2051 field forage, without clover, 1-2 years

“Our grass silage is produced on ley fields, not produced on permanent pasture. Limited production acreage, that is our main problem, therefore we need very high yields in ley farming. This is the main reason why we grow COUNTRY F 2051 field forage without clover, 1-2 years. The combination of Italian and hybrid ryegrass provides high yields, especially in the first year of use.
We rely on this mixture, even if we have problems with drought. In years with good rainfall, we got up to six cuts. But even in dry years, we have always been satisfied with COUNTRY F 2051. This works so well that even my neighbors asked me, which grassland mixture I use. Bit by bit they switch to COUNTRY F 2051.
Innovations are part of my farm, so I bought in 2008 as the first Polish farmer a milking robot. COUNTRY also belongs to these innovations."