Forage value number 4

Tall fescue is a very tolerant species to wetness and drought and is particularly suitable for difficult alternating moisture sites. Due to its deep rooting system, the species reaches water in deeper layers and survives dry periods very well. Tall fescue is characterised by its robustness, high competitiveness, endurance, winterhardiness and vigour. Soft-leaved varieties are not directly related to better forage quality. On pastures, cattle select the species out because they avoid the rough leaf edges.




  • Emerging leaf rolled
  • Rough to sharp leaf edges
  • Auricles lightly haired

Our varieties


Festuca arundinacea

  • great sward density
  • balanced yield allocation over all cuts
  • internationally proven variety


Festuca arundinacea

  • variety with excellent health
  • extraordinary yield performance
  • rapid spring development


Festuca arundinacea

  • great rust resistance
  • resilient in winter hardiness
  • stable yields