COUNTRY Grassland stands for persistent mixtures with high yields and quality niveaus. Due to the combination of different species and maturity groups, the mixtures are adapted to the needs of the various permanent grassland sites.



Grassland mixture for universal use, broad use possible

  • High green and protein yields
  • Species were selected to harmonize in competition and persistence and to achieve a good sward density
  • good regrowth with good yields over all cuts


Universal dry

Grassland mixture for lighter soils, high clover content

  • This mixture is especially made for lighter soils
  • Lolium perenne, Festuca pratense and Phleum pratense produce good dry matter yields
  • The high clover content is responsible for a high protein content in the ration


Organic land (humus)

Grassland mixture for wet, peaty soil, for organic land

  • The used species were selected due its suitibillity for wet and peat soils with a high water content
  • Additional to a very good tolerance to wet conditions, winterhardiness of the used species is an important topic. This is valid especially for Phleum pratense, Festuca pratense and Festuca a
  • Lolium perenne achieves high yields and gives a plus in forage quality


Meadow dry

Grassland mixture for cutting and grazing or just cutting, also for peaty, wet and hilly areas

  • The balanced mixture composition with a high content of Phleum pratense and Poa pratensis leads to good winterhardiness and persistence.
  • This is valid especially for forage production in difficult areas like peaty, wet and hilly areas
  • Lolium perenne gives good sward density and high feeding quality


Meadow universal

Grassland mixture for intensive use for medium to good areas

  • High content of perennial ryegrass is responsible for good resistance to trampling, good palatability and good growth over all cuts
  • White clover increases nutrient content, digestibility and flexibility of use
  • Mixture can be used for a first cut and grazing afterwards


Hay and silage

Grassland mixture for intensive cutting and grazing on medium to good grassland areas

  • Higher content of Poa pratensis and Phleum pratense has a positive effect on winter hardiness and forage quality
  • Cocksfoot improves yield under dry conditions
  • White and red clover improve feeding value and increase yields when fertilisation is low


High yielding

Very intensive grassland mixture with high performance for high yields

  • The diploid Lolium perenne varieties are responsible for sward density and persistence, the tetraploid varieties are responsible for the plus in yield and palatability
  • Suited for reseeding and estabishment of new swards maily in good, high performing grassland areas (two to several years lasting grassland, mainly for cutting)
  • The name of this COUNTRY-mixture in Germany is COUNTRY Energy 2023



For best forage quality even in difficult areas. Suited for dry and cold areas, peat soils and hilly areas.

  • Energy mixture for difficult areas
  • Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis are responsible for persistency and sward density
  • Festuca pratensis and Phleum pratense produce yield, timothy is especially suited for cold, peaty and hilly areas



High yielding energy mixture with clover for additional energy- and protein

  • The tetraploid Lolium perenne varieties are responsible for high sugar contents, better palatability and increased feed intake
  • Red and white clover lead to additional energy and quality
  • Red and white clover are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen, so nitrogen fertilization in total can be reduced


Dry areas

Grassland mixture for intensive cutting and grazing in dry areas

  • Lolium perenne is responsible for higher yields in teh first year of use
  • Dactylis glomerata and Festuca rubra add yield as well
  • Country 2310 can be used for cutting and grazing over a short period or for a long term ley when cutting is plannes